What we do

What are we doing:

 Outdoor advertising is an inseparable part of the look of contemporary urban landscape. Without it is impossible to imagine the appearance of any big city. It is a mandatory component of any serious advertising campaign. This type of advertising is effective advertising method when is placed in crowded places or places with high traffic of vehicles. Considering that today's consumers are always in motion, making them very difficult to reach through traditional forms of advertising and more and more business savvy turn to various forms of outdoor advertising.

In addition Outdoor advertising reaches consumers where they shop, live, work and play. This places your message closest to point-of-purchase speaking to consumers while they are actively engaged in the buying decision process.

The outdoor advertising is an extremley effective tool to identify a company, to spread a message, to assure the return of the investment and also grants a good viisibility to all brands. The mix of experience, service, products, innovative solutions and flaxibility makes Upi the best reference point for everybody with the goal to share his institutional message.

Upi can offer a vast and complete range of constructive decisions different types and sizes of promotional facilities in top positions with great visibility from drivers and pedestrians in areas with high population density and a significant human presence.

Upi. provides complete and innovative solutions suitable to fit every Customer's exigency.