About us

The company was founded and began operation in 1999. under the name "UPI-BG" mainly to provide unconventional outdoor advertising services to various clients and their advertising agencies. Since its establishment the company has realized some of the most effective advertising meshes and Rooftop signs are placed in the most actual positions in the capital such as: National Assembly Square 10; bul.Al.Malinov 51; ul.Trapezitsa 6; bul.Yanko Sakazov 2-4 (Serdika cinema); Patriarh Evtimii 1 (Odeon Cinema), and at the entrance on the Black Sea pearl - city Varna. The Agency works in close collaboration with major Bulgarian and multinational companies and their advertising agencies such as "Kraft", "Carlsberg", "Coca Cola", "Pernod Ricard", "Ogilvy & Mather", "MEDIACOM", ''Kamenica", "Brown Foreman", "Nestlé", “Actavis”,  "Media SMV'', ''Media Club'', “Marketing Communications” and others.
“UPI-BG” holds the exclusive opportunity to partner with Hilton for the exclusive projection of commercials, making it the preferred choice for a comprehensive advertising campaign reaching a wider range of residents and guests of the city.
Thanks to the work effort, enthusiasm and high professionalism of its team, the company develops in parallel with the growing advertising market in the country, exploring the possibility of working in other cities in Bulgaria.